Artificial Birch Tree

To find the best selection of Artificial Birch Tree, check out Plantworks in Las Vegas, NV.


Plantworks has used commercial grade artificial foliage for over 30 years to create complete landscapes, key permanent property accents and replica tree and plant forms. The manufacturing of architectural elements replicating natural landscaping began when major projects had design requirements that live plants could not achieve.

Artificial foliages have several major property advantages:

•             Minimal long-term maintenance costs

•             Environmentally friendly (a “green” building material) and uses little water

•             100% design integrity: instant color and mature growth

•             Fixed, initial cost able to be amortized

Plantworks creates custom designs using artificial silk foliages to our client’s specifications for each project.  We design artificial silk floral arrangements, custom artificial trees, and artificial silk plants.

Amongst our most popular items are our custom made trees built on natural wood with artificial silk foliage.  Plantworks has designed interior landscapes using many types of trees, some of the most popular species have been: Oak Trees, Pine Trees, Maple Trees, Ficus Trees, Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, Dracaena Marginata Trees and Kentia Palms.  Plantworks can build any size tree to your specifications on natural wood: Manzanita, Grapevine, Aspen, and Oak to name a few. Artificial silk ferns and silk flowering plants make beautiful under plantings to any tree.

Accent pieces like artificial succulents, moss balls & boxwood balls for example, make a great statement in your homes, businesses, and in commercial landscapes. Artificial plants such as sanseveria, zamia, & bird of paradise or floral arrangements using commercial grade silk flowers can bring that touch of color to any space.

About Plantworks

The Plantworks designs, installs and specifies interior plantscapes for the gaming, hospitality, wholesale, retail and themed entertainment markets. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada in a 10,000 sq. ft. showroom and manufacturing facility. Quality, creativity and professionalism are the foundations of every Plantworks’ project. From hotels, casinos, resorts and themed entertainment to community centers, restaurants and private estates, The Plantworks provides only the highest quality of plants and accessories. The Company specializes in commercial grade, lifelike artificial foliage using artificial flowers, silk plants and trees – along with their specialized UV Rated Polyblend® exterior foliage, used for exterior plants. In addition, the Company specializes in authentic looking interior trees that use natural wood trunks while incorporating artificial components. From large artificial trees to decorative artificial flowers, The Plantworks is here to bring the beauty of outside indoors, for commercial and/or private use.

Artificial Silk Plants, Flowers and Trees Are Great For Outdoor and Indoor Decoration

Any office or house can benefit from using various types of flowers and plants for enhancing their room décor and to bring a certain degree of freshness of nature indoors. Plants add color and texture and help in creating wonderful and relaxing atmosphere and provide you a much needed relief from the daily stresses of a modern day life.

Another problem faced by the people who have hectic schedule is that they have no time for maintaining and nurturing their live plants. If you are in business or a job and work for long hours and also have to look after your family and relax, you may feel too time-impoverished to spend it in cleaning, watering or repotting your plants.

Artificial silk plants for enhancing home and office décor

Today more and more people are turning to artificial silk plants as the provide them with all the desired beauty of real plants without any need to take care of them on daily basis. Modern artificial silk plants are quite realistic and most of them are difficult to distinguish from the real plants and yet provide the same loveliness and ambience of the real plants. These silk flowers and plants are great if you spend most of your time away from home as you won’t have to worry about them when you are away from home.

Fake plants in all natural silks are easily available in wide range of styles, colors and shapes in almost all types of indoor plant species. From the delicate stems of flowers to large ficus palms, it is easy to blend the strikingly live colors of beautiful flowers with the subtle foliage of the big trees.

An arrangement of silk plants on your table or artificial bamboo stand can easily define the decoration theme of your interiors and can also stamp your personality and individuality onto your house, thereby creating an amazing sanctuary that is miles away from the stresses of daily life. You can turn imaginative and creative with your artificial plants in all natural silks and try to intermingle them in beautiful rattan containers by planting a bunch of brightly colored tulips or use hanging plants or wreaths for adding that extra depths to your room décor.

The importance of quality

There are such a large number of options in the silk plants, flowers and trees that finding a suitable one for your office or home can sometimes becomes too confusing. You have sheer range of choices with many online stores selling these artificial plants in all natural silks. The main advantage with such stores is that you can get great money saver deals on your purchase and your plants are shipped right to your door.

These high quality artificial silk flowers, plants and trees are made by the master craftsmen, who try to imbue each of these item with uniqueness and individuality. If you want to seriously enhance the décor of your office or your house, you would want to buy the artificial plants that appear real and can last for sufficiently long time.

Artificial silk trees

Artificial silk trees are mostly used for decorating indoors and outdoors. Some of them make excellent Christmas trees! These trees come in many shapes, materials and sizes to suit every type of taste. Their sizes can vary from medium, large or even small ones for indoor usage.

You can buy these artificial trees in 2 forms. They are pre-lit, and non-lit. Pre-lit artificial trees are equipped to be already lit and therefore their decoration is very easy. Non-lit ones look exactly like natural trees. The cost of such trees depends upon the material that is used in making them and their size. Most of these artificial silk trees are quite durable and can last for long period without any need for replacement.

Real touch artificial silk flowers

The silk flower industry is now witnessing a spurt in demand for the real touch flowers. They are so real and natural to the last detail that anybody can take them for real. These flowers are coated with special finish that is quite different than anything that has come to market till date. You can buy beautiful roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, orchids and so on. These real touch flowers have now become one of the most requested flowers on various events and silk weddings.

Lastly, you get what you pay for; all reputable manufactures of artificial plants, trees and flowers understand this and all the retailers know the way to place these silk flowers and plants in an aesthetic way to integrate them into the design theme. A professional silk plant designer will be glad to work with you or your interior decorator in finding the best possible artificial plants suitable for your home décor whether it is a living room, bedroom, kitchen or a lounge. - Picture 2

Artificial Birch Tree

The Plantworks facility, built in 1997, was created especially to accommodate our 10,000-square-ft manufacturing operation, floral design studio, storage for our raw wood materials, and our Interior Landscape Design Center. Our inventory of artificial plants, trees, flowers, and floral vases and accessories are truly one of a kind. For more information, Visit Plantworks.

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Artificial Birch Tree

Plantworks has manufactured its award-winning artificial plants and trees using domestically harvested natural wood and cane trunks. All wood comes from renewable materials, such as Bamboo. Bamboo and Curly Willow are harvested using environmentally safe methods. Manzanita Wood is harvested from national preserves with issued permits, which keep natural habitats and aid in ecology. For …

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